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About Us

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We are former drivers that have also managed transportation companies, safety, and compliance. We know that DOT and insurance require you to be compliant. When you aren’t compliant DOT audits and high insurance rates can put you out of business. The problem is any type of transportation company from trucking to towing is a time-consuming business. You must make money to survive and so that becomes your focus. It’s hard to find the time or money to learn and do all the things required.

There are many systems out there that let you manage compliance. None of them help do the work. We know from experience that helping you do the work is exactly what you need. It is almost as if someone could work out for you, and you get the benefits. We built Ultralus to not just be another compliance platform. But to be people who understand the challenges you face and provide hands-on help and guidance. We want you to be able to focus on the business while we help to protect you from DOT audits and put you in a position to get better insurance.

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